Back Problems That Chiropractors Can Treat

Back pain is one of the leading health issues that the average person experiences. Occupational or recreational tasks that take a toll on the body, like ones that involve heavy lifting, pushing or pulling, can lead to back issues over time. Treating your back is necessary if you want to maintain good mobility and live your life pain-free. If you are noticing signs of back pain or have recently suffered a back injury, see a chiropractor that has experience treating many types of back pain issues. The following back problems are just a few of the types that a chiropractor can treat. 

Pinched Disc 

A pinched disc can limit mobility, cause pain, and restrict range of motion, as a certified back pain chiropractor like one at AmeriWell Clinics can explain. Pinched discs are an issue for many people. It occurs when there is too much pressure put on a disc, a piece of cartilage next to joints in the spine. It is necessary to relieve the pressure through treatments so that the patient can freely move without issue. A common chiropractic treatment for a pinched disc includes disc decompression. 

Herniated Disc 

A chiropractor often treats herniated discs in patients. A herniated disc is when the disc in the spine is moved out of position. It is also known as a slipped disc. The chiropractor must reposition the disc so that it is pushed back into alignment with the spine. Herniated or slipped discs can be painful and make it difficult to bend, stretch or move the back in various directions. If you are experiencing back pain, a chiropractor will see if a slipped disc is the issue. To treat a herniated disc, a chiropractor will employ several non-surgical techniques like manual therapy or adjustments. 

Misaligned Spine

When the spine is not aligned properly, it can lead to a number of problems. There are many things that can cause the spine to become misaligned. The spine can become injured because of physical activities like sports, high intensity workouts, falls, or jumping. Chiropractors can evaluate the spine to see where the issue is and determine treatments to fix the spine so that it can be aligned again. Chiropractic adjustments can be done to realign the spine so that pain and inflammation are reduced.  

Back Strain 

A back pain is a painful injury to experience. When your muscles are injured, you can seek treatment from a chiropractor so that you can recover quickly. A chiropractor uses several techniques to treat back strains in a natural and non-invasive manner. They may recommend treatments such as deep tissue therapy, soft tissue therapy and manual therapy to gradually treat the pulled muscles. Over time, chiropractic care can help the muscles to heal and eliminate pain. 

If you see a chiropractor soon and receive treatment, you can increase your chances of treating your back pain fully. Talk to a trusted chiropractor in your area now to find out more information about available chiropractic services that target back pain.